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Are you looking for a realtor who LISTENS to your wants and needs? One who tailors her approach based on your personal preferences and will work tirelessly to help you reach your goal of buying or selling your home? If so, you’ve found her. Hi, I’m Sequoia. I’m a Los Angeles realtor and the owner of Sur-Ryl Homes. I “hang my hat” at Keller Williams, which means I have access to world-class resources and the best network in the industry. This vast network is also at your fingertips, should we have the pleasure of working together. I hold an MBA in Marketing and have worked as a marketer for nearly a decade. I will use my skills and experience to help make your journey a success. I am passionate, energetic and love helping people make their dreams come true. Most importantly, I have been where you are. I’ve purchased – and sold – my own home before and know firsthand the thoughts, concerns and considerations that come into play when making such a huge decision. As a devoted real estate professional, I will work hard to make sure your experience is as smooth and enjoyable as possible. So, whether you're a first-time homebuyer or an old pro, I can help you find the answers to your questions about homeownership or selling your home. I look forward to taking this journey together.

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